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Civic Centre                   
Newcastle upon Tyne    
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Labour Research Department Fact 76/28

Fall in unemployment

Weak earnings growth

Inflation higher

Executive pay gap

Acas in demand


Doncaster Race Day

Doncaster Race Day on 2 August will be an enjoyable day out for members and their families.

Branch Lottery

Winners for June 2014.

LGBT Housing Survey

Newcastle Tenants and Residents Federation [NTRF] is working with the support of LGBT Federation North East and Tyne Trans Group to identify the housing needs and issues of LGBT people.

Labour Research Department Fact 76/27

Pay-off 'value for money' or 'obscene'?

Smaller increase in manufacturing output

Executive pay — 35 on £1m or more

Guidance on working from home

Car industry expands

Scottish referendum campaign money


Join The People's March For The NHS

Jarrow to London, 16 August - 6 September.

Retired members

Newsletters and agenda for the meeting on 15 July.


Civic Celebration

On 7, 8 9 July NCC will be celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the twinning of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne and Ville de Nancy.

Black Members

Agenda for the branch meeting on Thursday 17 July.

Labour Research Department Fact 76/26

Forty two executives with £1m plus packages

Upturn in settlements to 2.6% in May

Deaths at work fall, but not in construction

Watchdog says Work Programme is flawed

Balance of payments — trade deficit narrows

Living Wage to be paid by food and drink firm


Pub Quiz

Monday 30 June, in aid of Pakistan Brick Kiln Schools.

Labour Research Department Fact 76/25

Boost to factory output

New right to request flexible working

Zero-hours contracts developments

Asbestos in schools

Minimum wage arrears

Executive pay


Poverty and Social Exclusion

The percentage of households who fall below society’s minimum standard of living has increased from 14 per cent to 33 per cent over the last 30 years, despite the size of the economy doubling.

Palestinians Under Siege

Following the disappearance of three Israeli teenagers at the end of last week, Israeli soldiers have rounded up and arrested hundreds of Palestinians in the West Bank, shot dead a 20-year-old man, and injured bystanders, including children, and protesters.


New report: Britain First – Army of the Right

Today 'HOPE not hate' launches the first ever comprehensive report into the militant Christian fundamentalist, Loyalist-linked gang, Britain First (BF), one of the fastest-growing movements on Britain’s far-right scene.

Labour Research Department Fact 76/24

Dramatic drop in tribunal claims

UK unemployment stands at five-year low

No joy in negative earnings growth

Charities slam work placements scheme

Inflation continues on downward trend


Justice for Sale

Unions voice concern over increased privatisation and cost-cutting.



Extracts from Branch Secretary Paul Gilroy's Twitter feed.

Labour Research Department Fact 76/23

Executive pay: 39 with a £1m package

Campaign spending on Scottish referendum

Justice for sale

Living Wage win in higher education

Reforms fail to bring reality to boardroom

World Cup Advice


Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions.

New draft guidance from the DfE seems much clearer on roles and responsibilities.


Associate Partners

Associate Partners Vauxhall Corsa offer ends 1 July.

Croyde Bay

Summer holiday offer.


FREE NCFE Level 1 Wellbeing Certificate correspondence course.

Labour Research Department Fact 76/22

Cable's plans for zero-hours contracts

Lost in tax

Dockers say no return to 50 years ago

Trade unions steady ship in 2013

2.5% rise for settlements

Boardroom-worker divide on remuneration

... boardroom pay


Public Meeting

5 June: "NO MORE AUSTERITY: Demand the Alternative".

School Uniform Grant

Details of the scheme and how to apply. Closing date for applications is 11 July 2014.

Branch Lottery

Winners for May 2014.

Labour Research Department Fact 76/21

UNISON can appeal over tribunal fees

Economy grows with more expected

Global Rights Index

Ruling on holiday pay and commission

Executive pay — 31 more on £1m plus

It's a bit rich this list