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Membership Cards

If you lose or damage your membership card, you can order a new card via your My.UNISON (My.Details) account or by calling UNISONDirect on 0800 0 857 857.


New on Site


Members' Training

New courses have been posted for August and September.

Black Members National Conference

Join the branch delegation to the conference in January 2016.

Branch Lottery

Winners in July 2015

In the papers

Britain’s rich are thrust into the future. The poor get kicked back into the past

More than 2 million children in families struggling to pay for essentials – report

Labour Research Department Fact 77/30

Too much cash directed to shareholders

Economy perks up

Discrimination as mothers lose jobs

Union reforms could harm productivity

Union political funds

Fit note fails to deliver

Labour disputes in 2014


National Conference Decisions

UNISON has published the decisions of the National Local Government Conference and the National Delegate Conference which were held in June.


An Introduction To Pensions

A Free paper based distance learning course for UNISON members.

Money Mentoring Course

Our training is a flexible way to improve financial capability and tackle financial exclusion. 

In the papers

Benefit cuts to hit huge number of children, government figures show.

George Osborne’s assault on welfare must not go unchallenged.

The Tories are callously redefining what it means to be sick or disabled.

Beth Farhat column: Union bill is unfair, unnecessary and undemocratic.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/29

Top pay and decline of union influence

IKEA now a Living Wage employer

New ideas needed on older workers

Review heralds end to pay progression

Council targets rep over privatisation

Increase in number of deaths at work

Labour Research Department Fact 77/28

Retail inflation sticks at 1% in June

'Unnecessary attack' on workers' rights

Rise in unemployment

Average earnings dips


Women’s Network Policy Weekend

You have a voice - we want to hear it. 4/5 September, Newcastle.

UNISON Personal Learning Development Grant

A limited number of grants are available to members who are either School Support Staff or Personal Care Assistants working in private or charity-run/ voluntary aided homes or employed directly by individuals.

Savings for members

£20 discount for unison members on a new car insurance policy with Liverpool Victoria.



Colombian human rights defender Berenice Celeita was kept under surveillance by unidentified individuals after returning from a visit to the USA and Canada to expose human rights violations in Colombia.


National LGBT Conference

Conference takes place Friday 13 – Sunday 15 November in Brighton.

Northern Pride

We need volunteers who will be able to set up the stall on Saturday 18 July and to staff it throughout the day.

Needed urgently!

The Albert Kennedy Trust are looking in the North East for volunteers to be carers, mentors and citizen advocates for young LGBT people who have experienced being homeless.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/27

New contract or old con trick?

Balance of payments shows improvement

Tories fail on child poverty so redefine it

Go-ahead but delay for tax-free childcare

UK economy in better shape in 2015

Manufacturing output flattens out

Regional inequalities increae under Tories


In the papers

Tories have redefined child poverty as not just about having no money

Whitehall not permitted access to two thirds of outsourcing contracts – report

David Cameron abolishes poverty, just like that

Legal aid cuts will hurt vulnerable people, not ‘fatcat’ lawyers

The obscure legal system that lets corporations sue countries

The case for radical change in Europe can’t be left to the nationalist right

Colombia's pipes to nowhere: villagers die of thirst as corruption stalls dam project

Labour Research Department Fact 77/26

Families struggle to close income gap

Midwives join TUC

Time off for antenatal appointments

Health and safety for children

Healthy workplaces

Thumbs up for pensions but ...

Financial pain of Child Benefit freeze

Relax dress codes at work in heatwave


Black members' meeting

Friday 10 July.

Pre-Budget Rally in Newcastle

Tuesday 7 July 2015, organised by the Northern Public Services Alliance together with the People’s Assembly.

Book launch, 16 July

An autobiography by one of the leading activists against apartheid in South Africa.

Branch Lottery

Winners in June 2015


Playfair Qatar

The World Cup of shame.

National Conference Reports

Branch Secretary





MEPs to vote on TTIP trade agreement.


Ban on Trade Union Congress of Swaziland lifted.


In the papers

Cynical about the Tories redefining child poverty? You should be

By scapegoating Muslims, Cameron fuels radicalisation

Child poverty does not only exist in a vacuum filled with hard-done-by urchins

Tory plan to redefine child poverty as figures set to show first rise in decade

Skivers and strivers: this 200–year–old myth won’t die

Tax credit cuts will hit North East hardest and increase child poverty

Labour Research Department Fact 77/25

Pension deficit tops £12bn in 2014

CBI head calls for wage rises

Living Wage for contractor staff

Productivity puzzle — seven levers

Public sector jobs lost and worse to come

Life at the top


Anti Austerity Campaign

Tens of thousands protest across the UK.

In the papers

Anti-austerity protests: tens of thousands rally across UK.

Tory vilification campaign against the poor is so clever.


Labour Research Department Fact 77/24

Living Wage served up

Improvement in average earnings

Inflation on the rise

Unemployment falls

Review of tribunals announced


School Uniform Grant Application

Closing date is 10 July. A change to the published criteria has just been agreed so that the childcare element of Working Tax Credit will no longer be treated as income in our financial assessment. 

Miners Strike 30th Anniversary

Tyneside Cinema, 18 June, a screening of a film made in the North East last year to mark the 30th anniversary of the miners’ strike.

In the papers

The NHS needs savings of £22bn? Only a magician could find that

North East devolution: Deal should include voting shake-up and see mayor faces scrutiny

EU referendum: Conservative Party is 'tearing itself apart' over Europe, says Labour

Labour Research Department Fact 77/23

Living Wage milestone of 1,500 employers

Guide to time off for surrogate parents

Rise in factory output — but still below peak

Unions reject blacklists firms' 'derisory' offer

Facility time guide

Toxic air claims made by cabin crew

Little pay restraint shown by top execs


Pay claim

Employers refuse to consider a new claim for 2015/16.

Branch Lottery

Winners in May 2015

In the papers

What if David Cameron is an evil genius?

How far does Cameron want to shrink the state? Ask Barnet’s binmen

Labour Research Department Fact 77/22

Low activity in 2015 mergers and takeovers

'Union premium' on wages gets bigger

Economic growth estimate unchanged

Blowing the whistle — but to who?

Experts say cut time spent sitting in office


Lunch, Learn and Fitness Event

Monday 8 June 2015, 11.30-3pm in the Civic Centre.

Refugee Week

Talk: Celebrating Diversity, Contesting Injustice: Reflections on Multiculturalism and Migration – Monday 15 June, 17.30 at Newcastle City Library.

Reps Training

Introduction to the New Local Government Pension Scheme, 15 July.

In the papers

This battle will define us. We must protect our children from austerity

Look at the alternative Queen’s speech and wonder what might have been

Landlords enjoy £14bn tax breaks as figures reveal buy-to-let expansion

The British left must learn to speak a new language – Spanish

We are no longer paid what we are worth – just look at dog walkers

On the edge: the working families who struggle to make ends meet

Labour Research Department Fact 77/21

Persistent poverty in UK and Europe

'Union effect' in training

University lecturers hit by casualisation

Safety probes at schools

Exclusivity banned in zero-hours contracts

Growth and divide in weekly earnings


In the papers

George Osborne’s ‘northern powerhouse’ project will devastate whole cities

Ukip looks hilarious. But soon we won’t be laughing

Jon Cruddas: this could be the greatest crisis the Labour party has ever faced

NHS England chief: cash shortages could hit plans for seven-day health service

Worried about education? Get stuck in and change it

 Labour Research Department Fact 77/20

Retail price inflation stays under 1%

Increasing pressure on older carers

Reform of executives' performance pay

Crown Estate to pay Living Wage

Co-op Group to continue political support

Tories won donations battle in election run-up


Branch Committee

Papers for the meeting on 1 June.


School Uniform Grant Application

‘There for you ‘ are once again launching the School Uniform Grant programme for 2015.

Anti Austerity March and Rally

Saturday 6 June in Newcastle.

National Demo - End Austerity

In London on 20 June 2015


Labour Research Department Fact 77/19

Tories take power after general election

City bonuses boost earnings growth

Unemployment dips by 35,000 in first quarter

Factory output slows at beginning of 2015

Tory Party resumes its attack on unions


In the papers

The big lie of economic success may still not save the Tories

'Secret' Tory plans for £8bn in welfare cuts exposed by Danny Alexander

GPs are exhausted, A&E is overrun and hospitals are broke. What went wrong?

Young people on Milibrand: did Brand's interview with Miliband work?

Ed Miliband says NHS faces a £2bn deficit in 2015

Meet the invisibles – the wealthy and powerful at the heart of the Tory party

Labour reveals North East health trusts set to overspend by tens of millions of pounds  

Labour Research Department Fact 77/18

Economy slows in first quarter of year

Blacklisted rep in tribunal victory

Top executives enjoy £1m a year packages

Women still face back-to-work barriers

Unequal treatment to end at airport security

Union reps' meetings qualify as working time


In the papers

Recession rich: Britain's wealthiest double net worth since crisis

Life at the sharp end: five families hit by five years of austerity

How the Tories dehumanise low-paid families – or should I say ‘benefit units’

Foodbank set up at Newcastle hospital after financial burden facing parents of premature children worsens

Labour Research Department Fact 77/17

Handsome rewards in executive packages

Epilepsy in workplace

Richard Desmond's UKIP donation

Nationwide says 'pay up' on Living Wage

Union official to head taskforce in Scotland

New qualification right on adoption leave

Strike over Tata Steel's pension closure?


Retired Members Meeting

Newsletter and agenda for the meeting on 12 May.


Against Racism – Against Hatred

Islamic Diversity Centre (North East) to Hold Ground Breaking Conference on Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

Branch Lottery

Winners in April 2015


Branch Committee

Papers for the meeting on 11 May.


Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Obama officially asks Congress to remove Cuba off terror list


Bridges to Learning

Professional Development Workshops in June and July.

Peace and Justice in Colombia

11 May - A lively discussion of first-hand experiences and legal opinion to launch the Colombian Caravana delegation report.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/16

Unemployment dips below 1.84 million

Turbans in workplace

CWU gets new gen sec

Earnings data provide little relief

Black and Asians hit by casualisation of work

Whistleblowing case — public interest ruling

2010 and now


May Day 2015

March and Rally in Newcastle on Saturday 2 May.

May Day buskers night

Wednesday 29 April at Magnesia Bank, North Shields

Workers Beer Company

Volunteering at Glastonbury Festival 2015.

Show Racism the Red Card

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker takes part in interview for new anti-racism film.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/15

More union bashing from Tories if they win

Inequalities among ethnic minority people

Factory output slows at start of 2015

Ambulance staff are stressed out

Inflation dips under 1%

Pension changes


Workers Memorial Day Service

Ashington, 25 April

Supporting Colleagues Affected by Domestic Violence and Abuse

This training is being offered to Unison stewards who may be approached by victims and / or perpetrators of DVA for information and support in the workplace.


Special Local Government Conference

The Conference on 24 March instructed UNISON's negotiators to formally submit an additional NJC pay claim for 2015/16.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/14

Employment law changes in April

Compensation scheme an 'unholy mess'

Tory claim on tax rubbished

Living Wage successes

Tory backers named and shamed

Balance of payments - record deficit

Executives in the £1m-a-year pay club

Labour Research Department Fact 77/13

Economic growth is revised upwards

UNISON can appeal over tribunal fees

Call for public inquiry into blacklisting

A promise to end zero-hours contracts

Industrial action at Windsor Castle

Austerity has led to mental health issues


The Women’s Network Manifesto

The Women’s Network has produced this manifesto for you to use with those seeking your vote in May’s elections. It is based on the main concerns of UNISON women in the region.

Six Book Challenge

World Book Night is 23rd April and to coincide with the event we are promoting the Six Book Challenge. Why not take the opportunity to read books that you would never normally read? Also we have a selection of books including quick reads which would be a quick way to try out a book?

Unison is launching this exciting challenge which is run by the Reading Agency to encourage our reading habit.


Branch Committee

Papers for the meeting on 13 April.


Durham Miners Gala

11 July 2015

Coach Trip To Lightwater Valley

7 June 2015

Branch Lottery

Winners in March 2015


Labour Research Department Fact 77/12

Millionaire says Living Wage 'irrelevant'

Food and furniture prices cut inflation

Changes to inflation's shopping basket

Downside to being an agency worker

Wealth gap as wide in Scotland as GB

Blacklister stitched up

Take-home pay growth

In the papers

Labour pledges to end dependency on food banks with welfare reforms

Labour, drop the benefits doublespeak and let’s hear your underdog-whistle

16 North-East colleges unite to fight 'devastating' funding cuts


The Accidental Activist

After killing off Margaret Thatcher in the controversial comedy Maggie's End, Ed Waugh presents an anti-cuts comedy that shows there is an alternative to austerity.

Redcar Racecourse

Discount for UNISON members and two UNISON events.

Reps training

Two day discussion leaders course.

In the papers

Living standards squeeze has hit young far harder than old

Report reveals North East among worst hit by Government cuts

Labour's Jeremy Beecham says Vince Cable 'should be ashamed' of £320m RGF cash

Jeremy Hunt visits East Cleveland Primary Care Hospital to discuss facility's future

Protesters picket Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in east Cleveland

Labour Research Department Fact 77/11

Budget 2015 — the economic background

Unemployment down

Police infiltrated five trade unions

No joy in average weekly earnings data

Asbestos in schools


Support the Jarrow Walk-in Centre

Join the rally on 28 March.

Croyde Bay.

Take advantage of our last minute self-catering sale.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/10

Gender pay gap across EU member states

Factory output up, but below pre-crisis peak

Poor mental health of 'blue light' staff

Pay and expenses for top university job

NHS members' links to private healthcare

Mergers and takeovers at record low

Jobs growth for women is in low-paid jobs

In the papers

50% rise in long-term unemployment for young ethnic minority people in UK

Coalition Britain: after the teething problems, will universal credit work?

Half of single parents borrow to pay childcare costs, says charity

Gingerbread says many single-parent families under severe financial pressure, not helped by reduction in tax credit support

Iain Duncan Smith’s family values won’t help the poor

Government accused of breaking promises on NHS cancer treatment

Labour won’t let David Cameron turn the UK into little Britain

TTIP must not allow companies to sue EU countries for environmental laws, say MPs

TTIP must not allow companies to sue EU countries for environmental laws, say MPs

Committee calls for European countries to retain right to protect the environment with impunity in negotiations for EU-US trade deal


Car Insurance

Exclusive discount for UNISON members.


Member's Training

Equalities Taster Session. 17 March 2015, 14.00 – 16.30.

The State of the Unions: union membership and union recognition

An ERS report.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/9

UK growth confirmed

Benefits migrant workers bring to UK

Waste of young people

Zero-hours contracts

More public money needed for care sector

Executive pay levels and public trust

Outsourcing of public services hits quality

In the papers

Newcastle City Council passes £40m budget cuts despite protests

Gap in European funding could be 'body blow' for North East, says Labour

How Yarmouk refugee camp became the worst place in Syria

Mr Osborne’s Economic Experiment: Austerity 1945-51 and 2010- review – an elegant demolition of the chancellor’s policies

Why more men should fight for women’s rights

Almost 700,000 people in UK have zero-hours contract as main job

Figures reveal 28,000 of people in the North East on zero hour contracts for their main job

EXCLUSIVE: Plans revealed to expand Darlington and Durham A&E departments


AGM 2015

The Branch Annual report is available along with the Agenda and nomination forms.


Counter Demonstration to Oppose Pegida March

Saturday 28 February in Newcastle city centre.

Croyde Bay

Easter Holidays are just around the corner!

Exclusive UNISONPlus Member Offer

UNISON Health Plan and a free chance to win an iPad.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/8

Missing a Living Wage

Firefighter deaths

Party donations in 2014

Low paid could get 3% rise in autumn 2015

Factory output slows at end of 2014

In the papers

The bishops’ letter to British politicians is a true act of leadership.

Miliband’s hands are clean, but the Rifkind and Straw sting may still hurt.

West Midlands police face swingeing cuts.

Every vote could make a difference on May 7 - and too many are being lost.

North East jobs: Almost a third of jobs in some areas paying less than living wage, says TUC.

Time is running out for voters to wake up to the Tories’ cataclysmic plans.


Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls, 25 March

A cross cultural and community based approach to tackling violence against women and girls in the North East.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/7

New limits from April

Deficit worse because of wage stagnation

End of year bonuses boost earnings data

Unemployment down below 1.9 million

Fuel and food behind lower inflation


Introducing the Local Government Pension Scheme

A training course for UNISON reps. Those wanting to apply to become member reps on an LGPS Fund Board should attend this course. Knowledge of the regulations and how the scheme and funds are costed is going to be essential.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/6

Fourteen directors on at least £20,000 a week

Tax avoidance the PwC and HSBC way

Zero-hours workers want share of bonus

Setback for shop staff over EU ruling


English and Maths Courses Information Event

The session is aimed at staff thinking of taking English or Maths qualification or wanting to improve existing skills in Math and English.  


Labour Research Department Fact 77/5

Psychological impact of austerity on staff

Care crisis over cuts and pay

Disabled jobseekers face barriers

Fall in real pay

Economy slows

Shame of winter death toll from cold


People's Question Time comes to the North East

The People's Assembly is putting on a nationwide series of 'People's Question' Times - an anti-austerity alternative to the BBC's Question Time. Each is a chance to hear and question a range of prominent perspectives on the big political topics of the day.

UNISON Guarantees to beat your current Home Insurance premium

It’s easy to take advantage of our best ever offer for UNISON members. Simply give us a call, tell us a few details about your home and what you’re currently paying, and we’ll offer you cheaper cover guaranteed.


LGPS Investments and Governance Course

To brief activists on the future development of Local Government Pension Scheme Governance and Investments.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/4

Multi-lingual guide put online by TUC

Unity ceramics union merges with GMB

Flexibility in sickness absence policies

Economic outlook for 2015 rosier

Shop staff still face violence and threats

Another year of executive excess

An earnings measure to include self-employed?

In the papers

Ukip general secretary calls for NHS to be privatised and compares it to Nazi Germany

Miliband and Cameron battleground set with 100 days to go before election

Cameron cuts, and the money is recycled to the rich

Poorest hit hardest by coalition changes, says report


Branch Committee

Papers for the meeting on 2 February.


In the papers

Lesson one from the Hinchingbrooke hospital scandal: beware the ‘mutual’

Ghost jobs, half lives: how agency workers ‘get by’ in Britain’s shadow economy

NHS cannot cope with ageing population, warns top doctor

Inside the National Gallery, a portrait of modern inequality

Durham Free School to close after inadequate rating

Crisis-hit Durham Free School to close after damning Ofsted report

Labour attacks Prime Minister David Cameron over North East unemployment

More than a quarter of North East families 'don't have enough to live on'

Labour Research Department Fact 77/3

Free school meals

Unemployment down on both counts

Earnings growth fails to match inflation rise

How to cope with winter travel disruption

Austerity uncovered


Gateshead PSA Rally, 7 Feb

Gateshead Public Services Alliance together with community groups in Gateshead are campaigning to protect vital services from being closed or opening hours slashed.

Fighting for Fair Pay for NHS Staff

NHS Pay Rally on Thursday 29 January 2015

LGBT History Month

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums in partnership with: UNISON, Community Hubs Network and Newcastle City Council will be hosting an event on 2 February to celebrate LGBT History Month.


Save our Fire Stations March and Rally

Saturday 7 February in Sunderland

Member benefits

Vauxhall Corsa offer ends 1 April 2015

Labour Research Department Fact 77/2

Stronger enforcement call on minimum wage

November sees slower rise in factory output

Private firm cuts and runs from NHS hospital

Retail price inflation at five-year low

Tesco closes defined benefit scheme

Abandon CPI and RPI inflation measures

In the papers

A&E meltdown forces thousands of operations to be cancelled

Anxious Britain will find no succour in a TV election debate

Plans to privatise child protection are moving at pace

Talks on combined authority for the North-East to take place 'very soon'

Hundreds march against NHS services cut at Hartlepool Hospital

Heat maps reveal how North East has suffered due to funding cuts


School Visits

Schools Convenor's schedule of meetings with members.


Women, Glass Ceiling and  a Living Wage

NE Women’s Network consultation event.

Labour Research Department Fact 77/1

Four out of five deterred by fees

Limit to backdated holiday pay claims

The year ahead

Fat cat Tuesday on second working day

UK's trading position worsens in autumn

Pension downside of umbrella companies

UK rail commuters hit by January rise


UNISON Northern Course Programme 2015

Training for members and reps.


Regional Women’s Network Meeting

You don't have to be a Rep to attend, all UNISON women members in our region are welcome.

The NHS needs savings of £22bn? Only a magician could find that

North East devolution: Deal should include voting shake-up and see mayor faces scrutiny

EU referendum: Conservative Party is 'tearing itself apart' over Europe, says Labour